The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Bob DeBaker and Debra Svarc

The following segment originally aired on award winning TV show, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. The featured guest was CEO Bob DeBaker of Korres Natural Products. Also joining Bob is makeup artist Debra Svarc to give viewers helpful tips for the Spring season.


The Balancing Act Lifetime Television host Danielle Knox: We are heading to New York to learn about the latest makeup trends hitting the runways this spring. I visiting the Korres Natural Product Store and speaking with Korres CEO, Bob DeBaker along with our lovely model, Karly and Debra Svarc who is a national makeup artist for Korres.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television:  The store is absolutely amazing but Debra I want to start with you.  You have done all kinds of celebrities’ makeup for the Golden Globes and Oscars.  What is the hottest trend this Spring?


Debra: Spring trend this year is really about the skiing. We want to see fresh, glowing, flawless complexion with simple eyes and soft but also colorful cheeks and lips.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: Alright Deb.  I am so excited and I’m ready. Tell me and The Balancing Act viewers what step one is.


Debra: The best way to get longevity out of your makeup is really good moisturizer.  If you’re wearing something that is a little bit too light or only lasts for about five or six hours, then what happens is it peters out. Your skin always wants moisture, it’s very porous, and so it just sucks it out of your makeup. That can sometimes leave us looking a little bit dry or like we didn’t bother putting makeup on at all.


Bob:  Debra’s talking about how important it is to have hydration in your skin for your foundation to work right.  Korres’s wild rose 24-hour moisturizer contains an extract from a desert plant.  Desert plants have to live in an environment with no hydration, no water, and we’ve take an extract from that plant and put it in this moisturizer.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: Okay, so something that’s making Karly’s skin look so flawless is that we started with this primer?


Bob: Yes, but the primer can be confusing because it does many different things.  What we need to simplify and think of it as, is the dividing step between your skin care and your makeup.  So it goes on your freshly moisturized skin and then acts as filler, really, for lack of a better term, to give really smooth and even texture to the skin so you are ready for your fountain.


Debra: What’s so unique about this primer is that it’s silicone-free and does everything you want a primer to do for you.  It give you that great even, flawless finish before you put on that foundation.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: All right Debra. The thing I am always confused about is foundation. What do we need to know for spring?


Debra: The two really important rules that The Balancing Act viewers should know are: 1. Picking the shade. Most skin tones will require a yellow or golden-yellow hue of foundation because that will even the complexion by taking out the pink or redness.  2. It’s really important to know what level of coverage you need to wear.  Whether it’s tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation, you’ll need to put it only where you need it and use as much as needed.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television:  In terms of your cheeks and your lip color. Should they match?


Debra:  Your cheek and lip color don’t have to match perfectly but they should be in the same color family.  For example, you’d never wear a peach colored check with a mauve colored lip.  I love using number 18 from Korres because it’s the perfect mix of peach and pink. It goes with any lip shade and it goes with any skin tone.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: You know, Debra, if the look is earthy and nude tones for Spring, do we need to use less eye makeup?


Debra: We do tend to wear lighter eye makeup during the Spring and Summer months. Eye makeup should be a little understated, and the earthy or red tones look really amazing with golden skin.  I know it’s really tempting to rush through our mascara application, but if you can spend 90 more seconds on your beauty regime, this is the place to do it. Make sure you start at the root of your lash and wiggle the brush all the way to the tip getting every single last.


The Balancing Act Lifetime Television: And last but not least, how do we get that gorgeous spring look for our lips?


Debra:  The Spring lip is soft but still colorful.  On Karly’s lips I am using Guava lipstick in pink and cherry oil lip gloss in pink nude.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: Let’s take a look at our model before and now after wearing the hottest spring looks. She looks absolutely amazing. Great job, Debra. Bob, thank you for joining us on The Balancing Act.  If you want more tips on the hottest spring makeup trends, go to our website at The Balancing Act dot com.


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