The Balancing Act Lifetime Videos

Pre & Post Refractive Surgery & Dry Eye

Dr. Marguerite McDonald from Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island joins us to talk about eye health, dry eye & refractive surgery.


Kitchen Essentials

Chef Dee Lennox from Lennox Catering is in The Balancing Act kitchen to talk about coffee and tea, and show a very versatile appliance that makes both for you! First Chef Dee gives tips on brewing tea and coffee, and then applies that information to the new Farberware 12-Cup Programmable Coffee and Tea Maker. A review of features reveals how to tailor your cup of java to your taste, as well as brew tea to taste!


Marengo Foods

Juan Ibarra from Marengo Foods is on The Balancing Act to talk about the veggies you buy at the super market. How safe are they? How nutritious? And why do some taste better than others?

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